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Common Good Atlanta

Common Good Atlanta (CGA) connects Georgia's colleges with its prisons by providing incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men and women access to higher education.

Through CGA coursework, prison-impacted people are able to develop a better understanding of themselves, build self-confidence and ultimately have a positive impact on their communities.

Our Impact


Years Serving

Since our 2008 inaugural class at  Phillips State Prison, CGA has expanded its community into three other prison facilities including Metro Reentry,  Whitworth Women's, and Burruss Correctional.


Hours Taught

Over 60 professors from seven universities have taught over thousands of hours of college level courses to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people across Georgia.


College Courses

Including Shakespeare, Memoir Writing, US History, Art History, Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Algebra.

Help Our Community

For over a decade, Common Good Atlanta has thrived thanks to the generosity of our community. Through your contributions, CGA can continue to expand its impact to prison-impacted men and women across Georgia.

Meet our Alumni

Faculty Spotlight

Mack Curry

Dr. Mack Curry is a Kennesaw State University Faculty Lecturer in the Department of English. Dr. Curry's doctoral work in rhetoric and composition, and his MFA in poetry from Old Dominion University, ground him in the skills and pedagogies that are perfect for CGA students. He has presented and published articles related to his dissertation, Adopting Home Language and Multimodality in Composition for national conferences and publications.

Alumni Spotlight

David Evans

I spent fourteen years in Georgia prisons before venturing into the "free-world" in the middle of 2020. During my incarceration, I was a student in two programs that dramatically changed my life for the better.

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